This is the portrait of an industrial city with its collapses, mutations, landscapes and language. A film that features René Magritte, a camp of homeless people, key figures in urban revival, the inventor of the Big Bang, Les Zèbres (Royal Charleroi Sporting Club) , socialism, the mute astonishment of childhood…

Guy-Marc Hinant (1960) founded with Frederic Walheer the Brussels label Sub Rosa that since 1987 has been releasing recordings inspired by a spirit of musical and literary experimentation. For this label he is curator of a vast anthology of noise and electronic music. Between 2000 and 2017 he  co-produced with Dominique Lohlé, within the OME (Observatory of Electronic Music), numerous documentaries on figures in avant-garde music, such as  David Toop, Leo Küpper, Charlemagne Palestine, Luc Ferrari, Henri Pousseur and Zbigniew Karkowski. Guy-Marc Hinant has also written the text for several graphic novels illustrated by Dominique Goblet.


in the context of Le Mois du Doc