An endangered euro, migratory pressure, autocratic neighbours. Reeling from the shock of recent crises, Europe is becoming a political theatre. On the stage, leaders clash in the glare of the lights; in the seats, a defiant public is making its voice and its anger heard – from Dublin or Athens to Berlin. But this theatre remains unintelligible to the vast majority of citizens. How to make it more readable? How to reduce the gap between the exercise of European power and the stories about it that the media and the institutions produce?

On the occasion of the publication of the new book by Luuk van Middelaar, Quand l’Europe improvise (éd. Gallimard),  BOZAR is proposing a conversation between the author, the philosopher Marcel Gauchet, one of France's most renowned political thinkers, and the journalist and author Florence Autret in an attempt to decrypt the European enigma at the service of democracy. The conversation will be moderated by art historian Nicola Setari.