The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was a landmark event establishing for the first time a common bill of rights for all peoples and all nations. 70 years on, the state of political rights and civil liberties is on decline, with 2018 marking the 13th consecutive year of backslide in global freedom. As global frameworks are being questioned and states are reticent to speak out, the 70th year anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on the core principles of human rights in a globalised and digital world: universality, interdependence and indivisibility, equality and non-discrimination.

On this occasion, BOZAR in partnership with the Open Society European Policy Institute, Human Rights and Democracy Network, and the European Parliament, are organizing a panel discussion exploring the questions, ‘what is the meaning of Human Rights for individuals and communities 70 years after their declaration?’ ‘Should we be able to debate or even vote against fundamental freedoms?’ ‘What is the role of art in helping our societies to acknowledge and address threats to fundamental freedoms?’

Speakers: Natalia Kaliada (Belarus Free Theatre Project), Alice Mogwe (The Botswana Centre for Human Rights),  Sylvain Plattevoort, (Cartooning for Peace), Pierre-Arnaud Perrouty (La Ligue des Droits de l’Homme), Marietje Schaake (European Parliament, ALDE-NL), moderated by Brigitte Herremans (Human Rights League, Flanders)