Today we are seeing a notable increase in series with an autobiographical content. Scriptwriters are telling their own stories, sometimes using a pseudonym and sometimes not.
The autobiographical genre brings with it a lot of choices. How close should you stick to reality? Or should fact and fiction be freely mixed? What are the consequences for an author who is identified with a character in a series? And can you control this anyway? Are autobiographical series necessarily narrative in form? If not, what other forms and scripts can be considered? And how is it possible for a character to address a wide audience from such a hyper-personal approach?



12.00pm >12.30pm Light lunch 
12.30 pm > 1.30pm Lunch hour discussion with Leander Verdievel (Sense of Tumor) (EN)
Moderation by Anneleen Masschelein (KULeuven)
1.30pm>2pm Light lunch 
2pm > 4pm 
Keynote: Audacious Mirrors: Between television and Internet, the emergence of a new serial, autobiographic webform? (Marida Di Crosta, Lyon 3) (FR)
Keynote: Between the Edge and the Abyss: The Serial Performances of Anthony Bourdain (Julia Watson, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Studies, The Ohio State University) (EN)

4pm >4.30pm Coffee break
4.30pm > 5.30pm Round table on ‘self-narration’ with: Julia Watson, Marida di Crosta, Leander Verdievel (Sense of Tumor), Tom Salama ( creator & writer of the series Miguel), Caroline Taillet (creator webseries La théorie d’Y) & Marion Seclin (EN) 
5.30pm >6.30pm Storytelling 2.0 with Marion Seclin (FR) 
Moderation by Céline Dejoie (Pure FM) 


In partnership with IHECS, KULeuven, RITCS, UCL, ULB, VUB