After "The Little Prince", we are pleased to offer you a new version of the Brothers Grimm story: "Sleeping Rose". Version that jostles the codes of the fairy tale with humor and poetry. All the characters are full of faults, madness and insecurities. Everyone trying to overcome them to succeed. The story is turned into an obstacle course, making the show funny and unexpected.

Godmother Mimosa: Once upon a time in a far-away realm ... at the very least ... a hundred thousand leagues.
The witch Nepenthes: The day of your 16 years, you will prick your finger to a spindle and ...
Princess Rose: I was waiting for the day of my sixteenth birthday!
Prince Christian: Rose! Her beauty exceeds all others, she is funny, intelligent ...
Rose: ... no, ugly and gourd! And what if I do not like them? I will not go to the ball! I do not care to meet a prince!
Christian: I will walk without respite ... Ah there's a beast!

Family show to see from 5 years. With Bach-Lan Lê-Bà Thi, Caroline Veyt and Jean-Benoît Hologne in a staging by Juliette Ordonneau and Cindy Rodrigues