Zaid Jabri composer – Dia Succari composer – Solhi al-Wadi composer – Kareem Roustom composer – Dima Orsho composer – Maias Yamani composer

World renowned composer and clarinettist Kinan Azmeh compiled this programme for Moussem Cities with works by 7 contemporary Syrian composers. Performed by the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia and the Syrian soloists Dima Orsho (soprano), Maias Yamani (violin) and Firas Hassan (percussion).

Kinan Azmeh’s selected pieces of music by composers and artists from different generations and with a diverse musical vocabulary: two works by the pioneers Solhi al-Wadi and Dia Succari, contemporary compositions by Zaid Jabri and Kareem Roustom, and finally compositions by three performers/composers, Dima Orsho, Kinan Azmeh and Maias Yamani, works which leave plenty of room for improvisation, a very common practice in traditional Syrian music.