A live performance in BOZAR and online
Nepeta tv

Within the Iceberg –a project led by art students, Lucille Calmel will perform live and online in tribute to Guillaume, the darling cat of Chris Marker, and all his fellow felines. Her performance will take the form of an ASMR video, and will be broadcasted on Youtube.
Playing both with the codes of ASMR videos and cat videos that abound on the internet, she will slowly and softly mimic several actions for cats: caressing, brushing, playing calmly, etc making great use of cat accessories (such as feathers, bells, paper balls, hairbrush...) You can attend the live performance in the Iceberg, in BOZAR, and/or watch it on Youtube simultaneously.

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) describes a distinct, pleasurable, non-sexual sensation of tingling or chills in the skull, scalp, or peripheral areas of the body, in response to a visual, auditory, olfactory, or cognitive stimulus. This sensation is typically induced during sessions at the hairdresser where manipulation of the scalp, possibly felt as sensual, usually intervene in a quiet environment. You can also feel this low-grade euphoria by watching videos in which people whisper, whisper, make up, style, caress, create sounds, gently typing on the keyboard ... in particular to bring comfort and serenity to their viewers

Lucille Calmel
Born in 1969 in France, Lucille Calmel is performer, director, author, digital artist, teacher, researcher and curator. She lived in Montpellier where she creates the collective of performers “Les trifides” from 1990 to 1995, then directed for ten years with Mathias Beyler experimental theatrical company “myrtille” as well as “.lacooperative”, a place of research and trans-disciplinary residence. Since arriving in Brussels in 2005, she has been developing live and / or online collaborations, research and programming about performance, sound and visual poetry, experimental music and digital art. Her work, solo or in collaboration, has been shown in a lot venues and festivals and multiple spaces and events alternatively, as well as online. She also published articles in many books and journals, teaches and gives workshops and seminars in several art schools and universities.

Practical information
The performance (lasting approximately 45 minutes) will take place on November 29 at 7 pm at the Iceberg.
40 seats are available, admission is free but reservation is mandatory: to attend the performance, please send an email to Mrs Zoi Fulidu: zoi.fulidu@bozar.be.