BOZAR and its partners are kicking off Bruegel Year at the Centre for Fine Arts with this festive Family Day. Move from workshop to workshop with your children or grandchildren, explore what our partner organisations have to offer and discover fascinating customs, dances, interiors and works of art from the age of Bruegel.  Our guides will regale you with fascinating tales as you go round the Bernard van Orley and Prints in the Age of Bruegel exhibitions and we are even opening up the underground entrance to the Coudenberg Palace so that you can go hunting for chests!

IN THE EXHIBITIONS (10.00 > 13.00 - 14.00 > 17.00)

Go back in time with your children and discover the world of Bruegel during our Family Day. Our guides are on hand with some fascinating tales as you make your way around our Bernard van Orley and Prints in the Age of Bruegel exhibitions.


1, 2, 3, 4, paper hat
People in the 16th century often wore some kind of headgear, usually made of leather or fabric. At our workshop your children get to make their own incredible (paper) hats using all manner of paper and patterns. They can also dive into a 'virtual hat' and look for lost items from a Bruegel painting!

Dancing and playing with Bruegel
Gaasbeek Castle
Dance to courtly music like a real princess or knight, pick a game from Bruegel's 'Children's Games' and dress up like a character from the Middle Ages!  This workshop gives you a flavour of the activities that Gaasbeek Castle organises every week for families and children.   

Print your own monster!
Royal Library of Belgium
Choose your favourite Bruegel monster and get to work with the ink roller! At this workshop you will find out how to make your own print. 

Cities of Babylon
Dilbeek and WAUW (Workshops d'Architectu(u)r(e) & Urbanisme Workshops)
Discover the visionary city with the aid of the Tower of Babel as you and the other children build magnificent tower houses with hanging gardens; tools and 3D collages included. At the end of the day all these models will be brought together to form an incredible sculpture of a high rise town.  

‘Make a Bruegel friction drum!’                                           ‘Singing with a friction drum!’
The Halle Gate
Yes, a friction drum! An old folk instrument that makes a froop froop froop sound! It was used to make music at carnivals and fairs. So get cracking and before you know it you’ll have an instrument that has been entirely made and decorated by you. Bruegel's paintings will help you get started.  Singing a song and accompanying yourself on a friction drum is quite an art, but with perseverance and a little help you will get there!  


Set off in search of the WOW chests at the Coudenberg Palace! Find the underground entrance that will take you to the chests. Each of them contains a challenge to make with your family or your friends. These games will allow you to discover the former palace of Charles V, its construction, its history, the job of archaeologist and more… in a fun way!

Did you know?

  • Family Day - in the age of Bruegel

    On Sunday 31 March you and your family and friends will be plunged into the 16th century, the age of Bruegel. There’s plenty to see and visit and an awful lot to do. Here are 5 fun workshops and special activities which will be running non-stop between 10am and 5pm during our Family Day:

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