Say hello to Schubert: a robot constructed by video art pioneer Nam June Paik (Seoul, 1932-2006) out of nine vintage radios, a gramophone speaker and three screens. The screens display experiments involving televisions from the 1960s and his performances, in which he played the American cellist Charlotte Moorman as a human cello to the music of Schubert. Music is woven into the fabric of Paik’s video work. He studied music history and composition in the former West Germany, where he met the avant-garde composers Karlheinz Stockhausen and John Cage. The Mémoires Vives (12.01-10.03.19) exhibition on Zebrastraat in Ghent makes a connection between the video artists of the ‘60s and artists who decided to use digital language in the ‘90s. They join in debate at BOZAR.