“ALEXANDRA knows that it is about communication, and so she dedicates herself to communicating with all of us, disdaining the barriers of language and culture that the world has unkindly strewn in our path. I have the feeling that music comes not from her, but through her from somewhere beyond.” (Louis de Bernières, British novelist)


The Greek singer has captivated her audiences with her warm contralto voice and her ability to engage her audiences in memorable concert moments worldwide. Music critiques refer to her as the greatest ambassador of Greek music, who knows how to embrace the old, blend it with the new and create new stories without destroying the given beauty of the original songs. Her new CD SONGBOOK 2 #discoveries is proof of that, which the artist will perform for the first time at the Palais des Beaux-Arts after her successful presentations since its release in October 2018. Some of the most beautiful songs from the Greek repertoire, ranging from Mikis Theodorakis to the famous Asia Minor song "Misirlou" as well as rarities  like “Athènes ma ville” by the Greek icon Melina Mercouri, the artist will enrich her program with songs she encountered on her extensive concert tours from China to South America and the Middle East.


SONGBOOK 2 #discoveries is a testimony of how far I can reach out to express myself and, hopefully, enrich my listener’s ears and souls.”    Alexandra Gravas


Petros Bouras, piano
Jannos Giovanos, cello
Hellenique Choir of Brussels/ Christos Gkakoudis, conductor