Way Back Home - Seda Grigoryan
(AM, 2018, 28’, OV sub EN)
Way Back Home is a road-documentary filmed in Armenia. In 2016, Canadian-Armenian actress Arsinée Khanjian found herself in the middle of public unrest in the centre of Yerevan, eventually getting detained together with dozens of other people. This event sounded a wake-up call for the Armenian Diaspora, and world renowned Armenian celebrities – singer Serj Tankian, filmmaker Atom Egoyan, comedian Vahé Berberian and filmmaker Eric Nazarian joined forces to address civic rights issues in Armenia and observe the Parliamentary Elections in 2017.


Tombé - Diana Kardumyan
(AM, 2018, 19’, OV sub EN)
Kara works in the ‘Goldfish’ eatery all day long washing dishes. Her life has become a closed circle of grey days far from the colours of the big city. Every day, she walks home alone at night. She saves money for her family. But one night an unexpected incident changes her daily routine.


The Moon, the Son & the Musketeer - Vahagn Khachatryan
(PT/AM, 2017, 20’, OV sub EN)
A small town on the border between Portugal and Spain. A place beyond space and time. Not much happens during the day. But at night old ghosts roam once again the ancient streets of the village. A completely different facet of the village rises from the shrouds of the past. Mystery once again takes its place in the life of the villagers, allowing them to cast a glance to the other side.