Since launching the BOZAR LAB department, BOZAR has worked with Gluon to support education in the sciences, technologies and arts through the Hacktivate The City project. This project seeks to connect young people aged 14 to 18 with researchers, artists and entrepreneurs to work in STARTS (science, technology and the arts). It aims to explore the major challenges of our times and build a prosperous society.
Following their first joint exhibition in 2017, BOZAR and Gluon have decided to come together once again for the 2018-2019 season. A series of workshops and a second exhibition are on offer for young people who want to create work on topics such as programming, coding, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and smart cities.

Want to get involved?

Aged 14-18? Sign up to the STARTS Academy or one of the Gluon’s ‘Lab’ workshops. Go to Gluon’s website for more information and to register. 

Are you a teacher? Gluon will help you organise workshops in your school and familiarise yourself with new technologies. Get more information on Gluon’s site or by contacting education@gluon.be.

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