Through its history mixing shared narratives, intermingling of communities and languages, Romania can be seen as a true workshop of our continent. The Danube, that great European river “that has carried the history of the world on its waves”, according to writer Claudio Magris, runs through Romania for 1750 km before flowing into the Black Sea.

2019 is an important year for Romania, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of the 1989 revolution, and holds the EU Presidency during the first semester. In the second half of 2019 Romania will be the focal point of the biannual Europalia Arts Festival.

BOZAR celebrates the Romanian EU Presidency with a whole range of concerts and artistic events, and invites some of the most distinguished Romanian musicians, artists and authors
But BOZAR will not only present Romanian culture in the European capital. For the first time an intense programme of cultural exchange aims to bring together emerging artists from Belgium and Romania, to trigger dialogue, and to stimulate contemporary creation around old traditions. Another project focuses on high school students in both countries, teaming them up with Romanian and Belgian artists.

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