Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale is the longest-running contemporary biennial in Russia since 1995. The centerpiece of the last 12th edition was the exhibition “Mir: the Village and the World. An artistic discovery of the Russian village”, a fundamental study of the Russian village, past and present. More than 30 artists from Russia and Europe traveled all over the country, wandered into the Siberian taiga, conquered the Ural mountains and explored the tundra in Yakutia.
BOZAR is inviting Simon Mraz (AU/RUS), initiator of the project and director of Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow, Maria Bukova (RUS), curator and a director of Krasnoyarsk Biennial and a Krasnoyarsk Museum center “Ploschad Mira” and Alex Anikina (RUS/UK), an artist-researcher and film-maker, a participant of the biennial for a full evening’s program of screenings, book presentation and conversations.