The Reimagining Worlds project is a series of workshops that allow youngsters to experiment with visual storytelling through VR/AR technology. We want to teach young people how to model their own digital 3D environment using basic coding skills. This digital toolbox will enable them to create digital realms from scratch and imagine anything beyond the limitations of their own realities.

Lyse Ishimwe Nsengiyumva (Recognition) has over 5 years of experience in the events management field. She holds an Executive Masters Degree in Events Management from IHECS. Lyse is also the founder of a community-based film screening initiative called 'Recognition' that aims to increase the visibility of African and African diaspora art, literature and culture.

Lise Vanderpiete is working as a librarian and community builder, coordinating projects focused on youth, urban arts and media literacy at Muntpunt. She is co-founder of the Brussels-based collective Warrior Poets.