What Pryce creates is something personal, miniature, like something you can hold in your hands. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life […] Her art comes at a time when we’re all wondering where cinema is headed. She is looking back and forth, and forward at the same time. Just as 19th-century magic lanterns presaged the cinema to follow, so Pryce's 21st-century work presages a new, alternative view of a post-cinema cinema. She is unique.  Robert Koehlerl

Charlotte Pryce (1961, UK) has been making experimental films, photographs and optical objects since 1986. She also produces magic lantern shows. Originally from London, she emigrated to the US, where she earned a master's degree and taught in Chicago and San Francisco. Currently she teaches experimental film at Calarts (California Institute of the Arts) in Los Angeles. Her films have screened in numerous festivals including Rotterdam, Oberhausen, Toronto, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, Ann Arbor and London.