In presence of the director.

Bibiche, a young African man, works at the "Rainbow Trip” travel agency, a call centre in a European capital which organises gay-friendly holidays. One day, new recruit Alex arrives. Bibiche decides he’s going to win him over, although it seems like Alex is straight…

Kis’ Keya was born in Belgium but she has Haitian and Congolese (DRC) roots. She is a militant artist who uses art as her own language to take a stand in society and fight discrimination. Kis uses different media (painting, writing, sculpture, theatre and film) to express herself depending on the subject. She founded Madjiki productions & creations “which aims to create, produce, share and promote theatre and audio-visual work, and to encourage training in and access to these media”. She has produced three shows which have been on international tours to Brussels, Montreal and Ouagadougou. Kis’ Keya also created three medium-length feature films before getting involved in the Extranostro project.