Come to a Languages through Music workshop to explore a language through great songs and inspiring artists! 

You'll surprise yourself with how many words you learn and how much of the culture you'll discover. 

Music taps into our memory, with its melodies and stories. It speaks to us of a people, of the countries they hail from and the history they share. 

When we learn the tunes they sing we pick up pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar and also gain a sense of and appreciation for the language.

At Afropolitan 2019 we invite you to dive into Swahili and Lingala with experienced teachers who will take you on a musical & linguistic journey.


Saturday 9.02, 18.00-19.00  lingala

Sunday 10.02, 17.30-18.30 swahili 


Special workshops for families and kids :

Saturday 9.02, 14.00-15.00 swahili 

Sunday 10.02, 15.30-16.30 lingala