Avant-Noir #1, curated by Greg de Cuir Jr.
In the presence of Greg De Cuir Jr. & Ephraim Asili.

​Ephraim Asili will present a live remix performance of his work, "Many Thousands Gone".

The Avant-Noir screening series platforms contemporary film and video work by African and Transatlantic African artists, also presenting other artists who are concerned with visual representations of black culture in its various complex forms. Featuring work by Ayo Akingbade, Edgar Arceneaux, Ephraim Asili, Simon Gush, Marcel Odenbach, Cauleen Smith, Martine Syms, Friedl vom Gröller.

In 2014 Avant-Noir was first organised on the occasion of the Artists' Film Biennial at Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. It was conceived to celebrate the work of artists active in this new century who are struggling for a new value and a new perspective placed on the black image in film and video art. These essential films and videos and the artists who created them are in some cases woefully underseen, in other cases known but not celebrated nearly enough. For this reason it became important to expand and travel the program, and Avant-Noir has since been presented in three successive volumes at ICA London, also being presented at Kino Tuškanac in Zagreb (Croatia) and IU Cinema in Bloomington (United States). This Brussels screening at BOZAR is both a compilation and extension of the Avant-Noir project.