Belgian National OrchestraHugh Wolff conductor – Sofia Fomina soprano – Michelle DeYoung mezzo-soprano – Octopus Symfonisch KoorBrussels Chamber Choir


Symphony no. 2, "Resurrection" Gustav Mahler


“Rise again, yes, you shall rise again, My dust, after a short rest!”. These lines from a religious ode by Friedrich Klopstock were recited at the funeral of the famous conductor Hans von Bülow. After hearing those, Gustav Mahler, a good friend and admirer of von Bülow, wrote: “It struck me like lightning, this thing, and everything was revealed to me clear and plain”. The hymn inspired his Symphony No. 2, which has the same title as the ode, namely ‘Die Auferstehung’
In the fifth and last movement of the symphony the choir sings stanzas from Klopstock’s poem, which have been altered and supplemented with Mahler’s own text. Christ leads man to the hereafter in Klopstock’s original, while Mahler lets man achieve immortal life through love. At the end of the symphony, the victory over death is celebrated in musical glory and sing: “Sterben werd’ ich um zu leben!”. As a phoenix, humanity rises day after day from its own ashes.
For this masterpiece the Belgian National Orchestra is proud to welcome a world famous cast: Michelle DeYoung and Sofia Fomina.