Glorvigen Trio Per Arne Glorvigen bandoneon – Daniela Braun violin – Arnulf Ballhorn double-bass


Choral "Es bringt das rechte Jubeljahr" (Kantate BWV 122) Johann Sebastian Bach
Los mareados Juan Carlos Cobián
Contrapunctus I (Die Kunst der Fuge, BWV 1080) Johann Sebastian Bach
Vardarito Astor Piazzolla
Contrapunctus XII rectus (Die Kunst der Fuge BWV, 1080) Johann Sebastian Bach
Boedo Julio de Caro
Coral Astor Piazzolla
Decarissimo Astor Piazzolla
Lejania Sverre Indris Joner
Vino y se fue Sverre Indris Joner
Canon in Hypodiatesseron (Die Kunst der Fuge, BWV 1080) Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga y Misterio Astor Piazzolla
Escualo Astor Piazzolla
Romance del Diablo Astor Piazzolla
La Muerte del Angel Astor Piazzolla

In Die Kunst der Fuge, Bach composed not only one of his greatest but also one of his most enigmatic pieces. At first sight, comparisons with the Argentinean tango may seem absurd. However, the Glorvigen Trio proves otherwise! Using a violin, bandoneon and double bass they bring Bach’s complex fugues to life with an abundance of passion and southern temperament.  They combine the various fugues with fiery tangos by Piazzolla, de Caro and Cobián. Don’t miss this thrilling expedition from pious 18th-century Germany to the hot-blooded South America of the 20th century!