This special edition of Live Magazine will be a vibrant love letter to Europe, a night of true stories, enhanced with photos, audio samples, video and live music, and assembled into a form that you could call 'theatrical journalism'. The show is unique, not recorded, and 99% true.

On stage, journalists (a columnist from the Financial Times, an undercover reporter embed into the European far-right, a tech specialist on quest for her personal data), photographers (a World Press photo laureate, a renowned “grande dame” of documentary photography), artists and a prominent whistleblower, will share tales of secrets and lies, of rise and fall, of decisive moments that changed everything, including stories behind the origins of Brexit and the birth of a fundamental EU directive.

Eccentric, passionate and disarmingly intimate. - Monocle
Unforgettable…A living newspaper in which you can hear every breath. - Le Monde
A magical formula based on a cocktail of emotions. - Grazia 
Instead of turning the pages a newspaper, you go to the show. - Canal +
Stories to be experienced now or never. - Le Soir
Memorable in a way that reading a story isn’t. - What’s New in Publishing
An emotional connection between journalists and the public. - The Financial Times