Charles V and the crumb of the European nobility lived between the twelfth and eighteenth centuries in the Coudenberg Palace where Bernard van Orley was court artist. Until fate struck and a fire destroyed the beautiful building. However, many residues remained intact and disappeared ... underground. Travel through time to Brussels in the 16th century with the Coudenberg Palace and Bernard van Orley.

Especially for this occasion, the underground passageway between the Centre for Fine Arts and the Coudenberg Palace is opened at specific moments. Immediately dive from Bernard van Orley's work into the remains of the imperial Coudenberg Palace.


Dates: 30/03, 27/04, 25/05

Did you know?

  • A Tapestry with a View

    Among the many astonishing masterpieces that travelled back to Brussels for our Bernard van Orley exhibition, one tapestry in particular stands out for its historical importance. Find out why a horse, and a view of Brussels, have set the pulse of the art world racing for several centuries.

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