On average we spend 28.63 seconds contemplating a work of art.

But what if we were to stand and gaze a while longer? At the portrait of a 16th century doctor, for example – what themes can we see, what information emerges about his life, and life in Brussels, at a time when it was briefly the capital of the world?

On Slow Art Day BOZAR invites you to spend time contemplating such a portrait, on this occasion that of the powerful but tragic Margaret of Austria, also by Bernard van Orley.

To the strains of polyphonic music, our guides Pascale and Solange take you on a journey through the sumptuous landscapes of his tapestries, where the Coperbeek stream still flows, just like it did in the Brussels of the time. You’ll see birds, fruit and recognisable spires, woven by patient hands in silk, wool and gold thread for incredible sums of money.

Take your time as you travel back in time on this wonderfully slow walk through the Bernard van Orley. Brussels and the Renaissance exhibition.