Do you find the dancefloor a little too crazy and yearn for something a little more intimate? Then the BOZAR ELECTRONIC SERIES is just for you. Discover the latest musical trends which shift the boundaries of electronic and experimental music. 


20h doors
20h30-21h30 Tucuxi
22-23h Alessandro Cortini

Alessandro Cortini 

Alessandro Cortini is a singular presence in contemporary electronic music. His music casts the listener into a vortex of emotive dynamics, exploring the boundaries of contemporary electronic music, both in his solo work and as a member of Nine Inch Nails. 
The triptych of albums he released for Important Records, starting with Forse 1 in 2013, cemented Cortini's place as a master of duration and tone. Sonno and Risveglio are marauding works that inhabit a darker, and perhaps more abstract terrain. Cortini's latest solo work, Volume Massimo, which has just been released, is a momentous continuation of the aching electronics that he's renowned for. 

Tucuxi is a duo composed of Mika Oki and Basses Terres, affiliated to the art collective Liquidation Totale. They oscillate between electro-acoustic music and ethereal melodies, exploring sounds related to oceanic feelings. Mika Oki never hesitates to alternate a 90s dance anthem with an obscure juke track. That is how she manages to gather seemingly conflicting elements together, creating an incredible coherence.