Juan Jose Mosalini bandoneon – Carmela Delgado bandoneon – Jean-Baptiste Henry bandoneon – Lysandre Donoso bandoneon – Sébastien Couranjou first violin – Cecile Bourcier violin – Juliette Wittendal violin – Anne Le Pape violin – Nicolas Peyrat viola – Leonardo Teruggi double-bass – Diego Aubia piano

Juan José Mosalini is a real living legend and one of the last great bandoneonists of Argentinian tango. Often compared to Astor Piazzolla, the genius of the genre, with whom he has worked, Juan José Mosalini has shared the stage with big name artists such as Osvaldo Pugliese, Horacio Salgan and Susana Rinaldi. His Gran Orquesta de Tango, which has performed in the greatest concert halls of Europe is renowned for its unparalleled sense of rhythm and phrasing. At the head of his illustrious ensemble, Juan José Mosalini will be stopping off at BOZAR at the start of this year. You no longer need to make your way to Buenos Aires to experience the magic of tango. Buenos Aires is coming to you!   

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