19:30 - Studio - Echoes of Enescu

Alex Simu clarinet, arrangements – Franz Von Chossy piano – George Dumitriu viola, guitar – Mattia Magatelli double-bass – Kristijan Krajnčan drums, cello

21:00 - M - Lucian Ban and Mat Maneri Present “Oedipe Redux”

Mat Maneri viola, arrangements – Lucian Ban piano, arrangements – Louis Sclavis clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone – Ralph Alessi trumpet – Theo Bleckmann vocals – Jen Shyu vocals – John Hébert double-bass – Tom Rainey drums, percussion

As part of a collaboration with Europalia, Romania’s most important 20th century classical composer will be immersed in jazz. The Alex Simu Quintet will reflect on the past, present and future of clarinettist Alex Simu’s native city of Bucharest, performing a mix of their own compositions and Enescu’s classical works. Grammy-nominated American violinist Mat Maneri and much-praised Romanian pianist Lucian Ban have rearranged George Enescu’s magnum opus, the opera Oedipe. They have put together a world-class ensemble for the evening, including percussionist Tom Rainey, one of the most sought-after session musicians in New York, and amazing vocalists Jen Shyu and Theo Bleckman.

Did you know?

  • George Enescu: ode to melody

    George Enescu (1881-1955) was without a doubt the greatest Romanian composer of the 20th century. Don't freak out if his name doesn't immediately ring a bell though, unfortunately he is still unknown to a large audience. BOZAR tries to fix that by highlighting his work during EUROPALIA ROMANIA. 

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