Musiques NouvellesJean-Paul Dessy conductor – Pauline Claes mezzo-soprano – Berten D'Hollander flute – Charles Michiels clarinet – Claire Bourdet violin, alto – Jean-Pol Zanutel cello – Kim Van den Brempt piano


Papillons noirs (commissionned by Ars Musica) Alithéa Ripoll
Ivresse de lune (commissionned by Ars Musica) Baudouin de Jaer
Coucher de soleil (commissionned by Ars Musica)
Arlequin Michel Lysight
L'escalier (commissioned by Ars Musica) Paula Defresne
Pierrot Lunaire (commissionned by Ars Musica) Renaud De Putter
Le miroir Christophe Guiraud
Spleen (commissionned by Ars Musica) Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven
Eglise (commissionned by Ars Musica) Pierre Slinckx
Violon de lune (commissionned by Ars Musica) Michel Fourgon
Poussière rose (commissionned by Ars Musica) Stéphane Collin
Cristal de Bohème (commissionned by Ars Musica) Jean-Pierre Deleuze
Les nuages (commissionned by Ars Musica) Jean-Paul Dessy
Absinthe (commissionned by Ars Musica) Jean-Marie Rens
L’alphabet (commissionned by Ars Musica) Denis Bosse
A mon cousin de Bergame (commissionned by Ars Musica) Todor Todoroff
Les cigognes (commissionned by Ars Musica) Jean-Luc Fafchamps
Pierrot Cruel (commissionned by Ars Musica) Claude Ledoux
Blancheurs sacrées (World Premiere - commissionned by Ars Musica) Benoît Mernier
Evocation (World Premiere - commissionned by Ars Musica) Wim Henderickx
Théâtre (World Premiere - commissionned by Ars Musica) Pierre Bartholomée

Composed a century ago, Arnold Schönberg’s Pierrot lunaire marked one of the first acts of modern music. This fascinating cycle brings together 22 expressionist ‘melodramas’ based on poems by the Belgian symbolist Albert Giraud. In this work created for a female singer-reciter and a quintet of instrumentalists, Schönberg invented the Sprechgesang, a spoken-sung style that would have a rich legacy. The Pierrot Rewrite project invites contemporary composers to set to music 21 of the 50 poems that make up the original cycle of Pierrot lunaire – not all of which were set to music by Schönberg.

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  • 20th Century classics that rock our world

    Out with the old, in with the new! Ars Musica, the music festival that boldly goes where others fear to tread (i.e. modern and contemporary classical music) celebrates it’s 30th year. Out of a very busy birthday programme we have lifted three pieces you cannot miss – whether you’re a diehard avant-garde junkie or a newbie to the new music scene.

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