Alexey Musatov violin – Jacqueline Oroc cello – Diego Maniowicz bandoneon – Federico Maiocchi double-bass – Julián Peralta piano – Mariano González Calo bandoneon

Discover the vitality of tango in the company of this enthusiastic group which has reinvented the rules to give it a fresh modernity. The BBC is full of praise for these audacious musicians and wasn’t far off the mark when describing them as “the continuation of Piazzolla, absolutely virtuous, crazy and fantastic”. Embodying revival, Astillero offers an incisive and intense vision of tango that’s rough and violent as a reflection of our era. Its music expresses the incongruities and contradictions of the urban jungle of Buenos Aires. A style that’s full of energy and which the group defines in the words: “it kicks, breaks, hurts, jumps”.