Uday Bhawalkar Dhrupad singing – Pratap Awad pakhawaj – Romina Lischka viola da gamba, artistic direction, Dhrupad singing – Hathor Consort

A meeting of Elizabeth's I England and the dhrupad-tradition at the Moghul-court of Akbar the Great

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The Hathor Consort brings English violin fantasias face to face with the Indian Dhrupad tradition. Dhrupad, literally ‘the immovable word’, is one of the oldest genres in Indian music. The flat tones – played on gambas on this occasion – create an imploring effect that is typical of this repertoire. Over this, Uday Bhawalkar sings highly refined and nuanced melodies. The free character of this music is strongly reminiscent of the English consort music that was heard in the court of Elizabeth I over four hundred years ago. For this programme, Romina Lischka, the founder of the consort, not only plays the gamba but also demonstrates her vocal talents.  

Did you know?

  • A trip around the world with Romina Lischka

    A Passage To India

    This season BOZAR puts a spotlight on the exciting musician Romina Lischka who will take you on a thrilling trip, from London to India’s Uttar Pradesh. With her favourite instrument in hand, the viola da gamba player broadens our horizons by introducing you to dhrupad, a traditional music genre that was popular in the 16th century Moghul empire. During her three concerts, the artist sends us on a journey through time and space, revealing the unimaginable range of the viola da gamba repertoire. 

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