This production is recommended by Alain Platel!-

‘Women Speak’ is built up through colours, emotions and female power. Shila Mehta and Maya Sapera embark upon a search for universally recognisable elements in the classical Indian dance style Kathak. In a unique combination, these elements fuse into a brave, inspiring story. The starting point for this collaboration was the Indian dance production ‘Mahasati’. She is a powerful female character from Indian literature who inspired Shila Mehta’s production of the same name in 2016. The artistic team of ‘Women Speak’ brings this universal legend to the present. Thus, ‘Women Speak’ tells a hopefull story about obstacles in everyone’s life.


Choreography: Shila Mehta, Maya Sapera
Dramaturgy: Lisi Estaras
Repetitors: Aaricia Ponnet, Lies Heylbroeck
Dancers Maya Sapera Dance Company - MSDC: Maya Sapera, Aaricia Ponnet, Lies Heylbroeck, Yuka Numao, Babette Weyns, Karen Laleeuwe, Sarah Declercq, Astrid Strybol, Jolien Van De Velde, Anoukh van de Wiel
Musicians: Mahabub Khan, Sattar Khan
Guest Artists: Shila Mehta, Anvita Pandey, Oli Kalari, Siri Clinckspoor, Mileen Borgonjon
Costumes: Yuka Numao, Maya Sapera, Shila Mehta
Hair: Dirk Ponnet
Make-up: Cathy Sylvestre
Light and Sound: CC Stroming
Stage: Anneke Van Laere
Visual: Jan Marmenout
Poster: Lies Heylbroeck
Communication: Astrid Strybol, Babette Weyns, Aaricia Ponnet, Jolien Van De Velde
Website: Jonathan Esposito