Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de LiègeJonas Ehrler conductor – Pieter Fannes live illustrations – Jeugd en Muziek Brussel concept & realisation

This interactive concert with the Liège Royal Philharmonic tells the tale of a drop of water that sets off on an adventure, from the source to the sea by way of calm waters and wild oceans until it reaches its final destination: a new world. Throughout the concert, artist Pieter Fannes paints watercolours that are projected live on the screen. Water, a common inspiration for composers, becomes a beautiful metaphor for the emotions felt through music but also the journey from childhood to adulthood.


The pupils will be able to:

  • Associate musical notes with emotions through the metaphor of water
  • Experience intense emotions as part of a group
  • Acquaint themselves with an orchestra in a large concert hall