Sergey Prokofiev composer – Dirk Brossé composer – Do Van Ranst text – Nico Sturm narrator – Bruno Coppens narrator – Handelsreizigers in ideeën – Filip Standaert stage design, director – Nils Pieters illustrations – Martijn Dendievel conductor

Ela Stique is the story of Ela, an earthworm that meets a mysterious bird on the way to school. Little by little, she forges an original friendship with the bird, but does not dare mention it to her parents. This concert is an invitation to travel through music, images and movement. It uses the daily life of children as a starting point to talk about tolerance in all its forms: respect, equality, integration, solidarity etc. Illustrations projected on the big screen accompany the young audience throughout the concert. The children participate, enjoy themselves and learn to listen attentively.


Pupils will be able to:

  • Associate musical notes with emotions and share their emotions through song
  • Address values such as respect and strengthen the group’s cohesion
  • Become acquainted with an orchestra in a large concert hall