For several decades, the number of exhibitions curated by authors has steadily increased. What are the historic and cultural milestones that have enabled the proliferation of this practice? Do the exhibitions created by writers differ from those curated by artists? Are they systematically related to the writer’s work or do they reveal other aspects of his or her writing practice? The RIMELL day (Interdisciplinary Research in Museology and the Exhibition of Literature and Books) will address these and other questions.
The programme includes several conference-discussions (see the programme below), enabling you to explore a practice that is rich, yet not very well known.

​​​​​​​09:30 – Julie Bawin, Sofiane Laghouati & David Martens – Introduction
10:00 – Marie Darrieussecq : « Paula Modersohn Becker, cette ex-inconnue »
Reaction: Laurent Demoulin
10:45 – Pause
11:00 – Emmanuelle Lambert : « Apparaître, scintiller et comme renaître »
Reaction: David Martens
12:00 – Lunch
13:30 – Dominique de Font-Réault (Musée du Louvre) : « Christine Angot invitée au musée Delacroix. Écriture de soi, écriture de l’autre »
Reaction: Marie-Clémence Régnier
14:15 – Jean-Benoît Puech : « Deux commissaires pour B. Jordane »
Reaction: Jan Baetens
15:00 – Pause
15:15 – Camille de Toledo : « Extension du domaine de l’écriture » 
Reaction: Magali Nachtergael
16:00 – Caroline Lamarche : « Lisières »
Reaction: Sofiane Laghouati
16:45 – Conclusions