Five years after he presented one of his works here, the Italian visual artist Nico Angiuli returns to BOZAR for an exceptional artist talk. Angiuli works in many different mediums, and his practice mainly focuses on the relationship between human beings and work. In this talk, the artist will take us from his early works right up to his most recent film installation The Human Tools, which further explores his recurring themes. What is the historical link between slavery and machines? And how does this issue relate to our modern society of machines and robots? In the Roman Empire slavery could be justified as a means of meeting production needs. Nowadays, the mechanical vision of human existence is a hotly debated topic, and the workforce seems increasingly stripped of their humanity and dignity. The advent of Artificial Intelligence means robots are gradually taking on human form, while human beings are becoming more and more like robots. The film features 11 characters who discuss themes such as the body, obedience, control, freedom, love and the finiteness of existence. 

The talk (in English) with Nico Angiuli is hosted by art critic and curator Matteo Lucchetti.