For Europe, this May will be a special month. It is not only the European Union’s 69th birthday on the 9th of May, but from the 23rd to the 26th of May the citizens of Europe will also elect a new European Parliament. These elections promise to be exciting. What will be the effect of the (delayed) Brexit? How will the Yellow Jackets express their discontent in the voting booths? Will the youngsters who protest every week for a better climate policy manage to change the balance of power in parliament?  
Throughout the month of May, European house of culture BOZAR brings you some interesting voices of politicians, opinion formers, impassioned citizens and artists who wish to share their vision and dreams of Europe with a larger audience. 
BOZAR hosts a whole range of events organised by its partners, but also provides a programme of its own. Europe Day on the 9th of May, for example, is part of a project entitled Next Generation, Please.
We have decided to call these days May Days in reference to the emergency radio call. With any luck the call will be followed by a series of bold rescue operations, to make sure that May ushers in a new renaissance for Europe.