In Bluland, the artist duo WDKY questions the positive madness of our human nature within our elusive cosmic reality. An alienating manifestation brought about by characters who fight against and with their insane mental health on the fantastic place called Bluland. A place where everything is possible. With Bluland, WDKY creates a performance, as a collective therapeutic session, in which the public is directly and indirectly confronted with their fears or disbelief about the future. In a digital high-speed society, they confuse and seduce the current generation of young people to realize that they are ultimately the creator of their own world.

Oscar Cassamajor and Loucka Fiagan are two artists from Brussels who form WEDNTKNOWYET. They are involved in performances and installations with an immersive character through the use of digital media, word and dance. WDKY starts from the fact that all art is dynamic, originating from a digital zeitgeist and generation in a (large) urban context. Their main motivation and constant drive as an artist is the need to situate ourselves as changing and dynamic creatures. ​​​​​​​