Four major observers
City desires, Nicolas Gilsoul. Spatial strategies for unusual people, Andreas Kruger. Sensorial design of the city, Régine Charvet-Pello. Urban people express their well-being, Raphaël Souchier.

Five Workshops
Peaceful city / Shared street / Reconciling city and countryside / Flexible city / Enjoy your territories

Inès Peborde (Rotterdam), Justine Gloesener, columnist Urbagora (Liege), Laetitia Nollet (Forum prévention et sécurité urbaine), Isabelle Corten (Reliance35), Nicolas Cordier (LLN), Stefan Reniers (Regionet Leuven), Simon Laisney (Les Grands Voisins-Paris), Emilie Delacroix (World Transformation Center - WTC Befimmo), Benjamin Dial (Citydev), Pascal Sac (city marketing), Philippe Druon (Conseil français des urbanistes), Jean-Luc Calenger (Tocema Worldline)

"The friendly city?”
The " city anger " continues to frighten. So the question arises: how to make our cities more attractive, more pleasant? The first steps are now being taken to make the city friendly, peaceful and safe.
Which projects, achievements or management methods can contribute to this extra vitality? Give more space for positive emotion, this forgotten dimension in our cities? More attention to the experience, especially that of women or children?
Many good examples will be presented and discussed: they show that
new horizons emerge, that their new attention is focused on the friendly city.

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