The news frequently reminds us that transphobia, homophobia, rejection and discrimination against sexual and gender minorities are still prevalent in our society. These outdated expressions of hate, often accompanied by physical violence, affect men, women and even teenagers, simply because they have chosen to love or live by following their heart. These choices are deeply connected to peoples’ private lives. However, in the face of misconduct, intimidation, insults and aggression, the subject is inevitably public.
We hope to finally stamp out this discriminative prejudice and ensure that in the 21st century, everyone living in a so-called civilised society can be treated with dignity, irrespective of their choices, sexual identity or love life. BOZAR is proud to be teaming up with equal.brussels to organise a new edition of Colours of the Rainbow and will dedicate an evening to the LGBTIQ+ community as part of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHTB).
In keeping with this year’s rallying cry, ‘Stand Up!’, artists will bring to the stage a high-quality, international programme and deliver a playful interpretation of a nonetheless fundamental political message based on the values of respect, tolerance and the universal right to be happy. You can enjoy listening to comedian Hind Eljadid, performers Boychild and Ari de B, as well as Gérald Kurdian and the Hot Bodies Choir. The artists’ commitment underscores our shared humanity, which rejects hate in all its forms, and celebrates the richness of our individual identities and the human condition that unites us all.

The first edition of Queer Pride Gent will be held on the Vrijdagmarkt and surroundings on Saturday 11 May. Fifty years after the Stonewall Riots Queer Pride Gent is getting back to basics: Pride is a Protest; a peaceful protest against social norms, institutions and structures which repress sexual and social diversity and freedom. Queer Pride Gent is an open invitation for participation in a diverse and alternative range of activities, including readings, discussions and performances, all of which are founded on critical social engagement and social inclusion. For more information go to www.queerpridegent.be.