Krump is a form of artistic expression, a language of urban dance that combines the search for self with the social positioning of a marginalised group. It has its origins in African tribal dance in which the dancer uses the body to capture the energy of his roots (the earth) in order to transmit it, thereby creating an invisible link with the spirits (the sky). Krump, born of the anger of the streets, is a means of situating marginalised young people as it expresses, through dance, how combat and violence can be ritualised to avoid falling victim to them.   
These young krumpers from Liège live and breathe krump. Through it they have found a sense of self and an identity. Dancing krump enabled them to find a voice and to make it heard. The creation proposed for Next Generation Please! talks about how you can transcend borders and how you aspire to an elevation of the spirit and an enriching of your state of presence. Whether it is freestyle or creation, the dancers hold nothing back.  

Young participants: Young people from the youth centre 'La Baraka': Patribe, Gaize, Sasha, Victoria, Hiba, Siham, Kenza, Anissa, Edjona, Sarah, David
Artists: Hendrickx Ntela (choreographer), Catherine Lévêque (video maker and photographer) 
Expert: Jonathan Collin (socio-anthropologist)
European partner: SKG Anarchy (Lyon, France)
Theme: Borders, Afro-European identity
Final output: Video and audio installation, two krump live-performances, one dialogue between the krumpers and the socio-anthropologist Jonathan Collin 

Thursday 09.05 - 18:15 - Horta Hall

Tuesday 21.05 - 20:00 - Studio