ART ENSEMBLE OF BRUSSELS invites us to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of May '68. Create a poster and then turn it into sound… That was the goal of the group of young people supervised by artistic trainers from IStudio/IS asbl. The graphic creations and sounds recreate the atmosphere of this wave of protest.  
The participants explored the social and political context of the period and questioned the challenges of May '68 in order to compare them with the ones we face today. The dialogue thus created between artists and young participants, between painting and music, generated a dynamic process of reflection around the concept of citizenship. Understanding protests of the past in order to question today's world: Such is the challenge they set themselves. They now invite us to take part in this aesthetic and reflective experience. It is as if they predict a change that only depends on ourselves.

Young participants: Insaf Ikanoun, Hossam Hmimsa, Sabir Serroukh, Omar Mettioui, Omar Mesnaoui, Abdellah Handouzi, Yasmine Amrani, Kawtar Benaissa, Ahmed El Marnissi, Ismael Amrani, Oumaima Mesnaoui
Artists: Nikoo Nateghian, Quentin Meurisse, Safa-Eddine Taghian
Expert: Céline Vanderpelen 
European partner: Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains 
Theme: Revolution, protestation, mai 68
Final output: Drawings, video, audio