In the ‘Find Your Voice’ project, nine girls and young women each worked towards creating a video on a topic they care about. During seven workshops, they had the opportunity to taste the entire video production process from script-writing, planning production, through filming to editing. 
The project was based on a reflection that online media predominantly promote a narrow set of interests for young women. The deficit of diverse role models may discourage young women from taking a public stance on topics they care about, especially if these do not comply with the typical 'girly' interests.
‘Find Your Voice’ allowed the young participants to develop technical and digital skills, as well as personal capacities, to find their voice and participate in the public debate online. In this way they can be an inspiration for other young women and take an equal place in shaping our societies and their future.

Young participants: Ana Maria Zaharia, Diana Przeor, Fatima-Zohra Ait El Maâti, Greta Fjellman, Laure Robbens, Lucie Bibbo, Michelle Pawa, Nuria Outojane, Zoe Popovici
Artists: Anissa Boujdaini, Christopher Daley, Nick Kuskin, Marie-Eglantine Petit, Matteo Villa
Experts: Paulina Banaś, Alexandra Duncan, Aleksandra Mierzwa, Emily Stoker
European partner: European Activism Incubator
Theme: Girls empowerment, democracy and participation, freedom of expression, taboos, stereotypes 
Final output: Video, photography