We find ourselves in the stomach of a giant whale. We can see doors. One is the entrance, another the exit. The other doors are like questions or choices that can be opened and closed again. Where do they lead to? Aren't you curious? Each student has control over one door, behind which he or she can install an artwork. A particular light or sound fragment, a sculpture or other image: Whatever represents "freedom". But how can we define freedom? How free are we really? And what does freedom of expression mean? 

Young participants: 5th grade ASO students: Amina Amzou, Nero Nelson, Carlo Van Cappellen, Manu Willekens, Hidde Wittermans, Israe Benzid, Al-Amine Aasriou, Ilyes Djari, Gaëlle Fronhoffs, Oussama Laroug, Meriem Madani, Ylleza Rakoci, Rosa Bezujien, Rabia Muhammad Nadeem Saleem
Artist: Dirk Hendrickx
Experts: Steven Raemen (philosopher), Lode Delputte (journalist)
European partner: Liceo Laura Bassi di Bologna
Theme: Freedom
Final output: Installation