"As borders close one by one, as more and more 'walls' show up, as rescues at sea are hindered, and as prejudices and generalisations about migration grow, we wanted to create a space dedicated to migration that allowed humanity to flourish, something we should never forget."   
Pupils from the Institut Communal Technique Frans Fischer have listened to the testimonies of unaccompanied foreign minors they met in Brussels and Sicily. They tried to imagine some of the places these young minors passed through on their journeys, exploring the fine line that separates reality and memory, seeking to feel what happened at deserted locations marked by the passage of these young migrants. With the help of the artists Sébastien Delvaux and Philippe de Gobert, and photographers Alain De Borger and Massimo Assenza, they reconstructed and then tried to imagine the bigger picture. 

Young participants: Institut Communal Technique Frans Fischer: Rosamaria Agnello Modica, Soraya Almlahed, Mergim Askaj, Victoria Azzarelli, Sedi Belkassem, Ayoub Ben Addouch, Nasredine Bouazza, Omar Bourakadi, Aykut Caliskan, Arthur Closset, Melita Cobovic, Farrah Coucke, Marius Diaconu, Christopher Diansangu, Dilcin Dogan, Bahar Donerle, Cornelia Dorot,, Emanuela-Lidia Dorot, Michal Dybkowski, Bilal, El Karouchi, Nasser-Eddine El Gaouzi, Nisrine El Kanchidi, Mohamed El Mouktari, Ayoub Gherbi, Melih Gonen, Mehdi Guennoum, Selin Gulal, Bryan Jachym, Agnieszka Kuleska, Arthur Mille, Michele Moscati, Eda Okutan, Iara Pereita, Aayush Rajput, Michela Russo, Dzhaner Sabri, Alexandre Sereta, Adriana Sopi, Nick Tbeka, Qi Wang, Jéremie Yandi-Ndudi, Renay Yumer, Maca Ba, Lina Adamou, Mariama Diallo, Salimina Daddiski Hydara, Hibrahim Suvo 
Artists: Sébastien Delvaux, Alain de Borger, Massimo Assenza 
Expert: Philip de Gobert 
European partner: G. La Pira à Pozzallo
Theme: Migration
Final output: Photographs, video, sculptures