How do values and terms like cultural diversity, European identity and civic responsibility match our daily life? Coached by Katharina Smets, the students of the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp explored their community to find the answer. They developed moving audio stories that paint a colourful panorama of different voices. The young musicians from the Alexandra Gadzina Band took the challenge to translate these approaches into pop songs. The idea to confront them with a few traditional African songs came from Marco Giovinazzo, an artist who supports several social projects in Burkina Faso. They fine-tuned the final artistic result with Mauro Pawlowski. Let’s listen to the young generation of Europeans!

Young participants: Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen, KASK Gent, PXL Hasselt and Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel: Alexandra Gadzina, Sam Enthoven, Hannes Cuyvers, Tom Van Heule, Elisa Tijssens, Ruben Vanwonterghem, Arthur Decock, Michèle Delagrange, Kato Vanackere, David Huyghe, Lennert De Vroey, Jonas Detavernier
Artists: Mauro Pawlowski, Marco Giovinazzo, Katharina Smets
Expert: Katherina Smets
European partner: Martin Spinelli University of Sussex
Theme: Citizenship, civic responsibility, freedom of expression, migration, cultural diversity, European identity, borders, social justice, social security
Final output: Performance and audio recordings

Thursday 09.05 - 18:40 - Horta Hall