Who am I? Who am I really? Am I different from the others? So how different am I then? And how different is someone else? In (Un)Expected, we unravel the expectations we have of ourselves and of others. COOVI Secondary School pupils take their own experiences as the point of departure as they shake off all their fake layers until only the essence remains: the body. Am I a man, a woman or somewhere in between? Do I feel like a man, a woman or somewhere in between? And who am I expected to be? They looked for the answers to these questions through language and movement. They explored these stereotypes through philosophical discussions with Jan Knops and movement workshops with Yentl De Werdt. Little by little they rid themselves of expectations from the interior and the exterior and discovered the power of the unexpected. Raisa Vandamme transformed this intimate creative process into an honest and disarming video installation. Expect the (Un)Expected!

Young participants: COOVI Secundair Onderwijs Anderlecht: Boughaba Anouar, Ecker Alexandre, Ertveldt Renzo, Dialinas Michael, Haddouti Soufiane, Cauchie Quentin, El Mokaddam Nisrine, El Yahyaoui Imad, Purpura Celine, Bättig Louise, Jaadar Amine, Alwan Amani, Benalla Iman, Buyens Walid, Matondo Liza, El Carfachi Ilias, Vandersteen  Brenn, Devillers Chinouk​​​​​​​
Artists: Yentl De Werdt , Raisa Vandamme 
Expert: Jan Knops/Initia
European partner: FeMENism (Serbia, Greece, France) 
Theme: Gender identities
Final output: Video installation