What is home to you? How do you see yourself? Why does representation matter? Departing from the notion that all of the young participants share multiculturalism as a common value, the project Digital Natives brings together young people from Belgium and the US around common themes of identity and displacement. Five young Belgians with a migrant background and the students at the Institute Sainte-Marie in Saint-Gilles worked together with students from Institute of American Indian Arts and the artists Sophie Saporosi and Myriam Andries. 
Through powerful images, online and in-person exchanges, special installations and performances, the DIGITAL NATIVES acknowledge that there is no single or complete narrative that can fully encompass and represent the multitude of diverse experiences that represent our world or our identities, either in part or as a whole. In our rapidly changing and hyper-connected world dominated by access to technology, culture is a weapon against intolerance and a vehicle to bring people together to share common experiences, build trust and transform narratives - online and off. 

Young participants: Laouratou Barry, Ufitinema Arlette Birekeraho, Ikomo Wanga Mangala, Blaise Turikumwe, Sakina El-Haruati, Delaney Jo Keshena, Greg Ballenger, Melverna Aguilar, Michael Begay, Madeline Lamb, Monty Little, Cannupa Hanska Luger ; Institut Sainte-Marie: Yasin Belhadi Castano, Imrane Boustani, Tomas Calatayud-Henares, Ermes Dine, John Fairon, Mikiyas Germay, Matthieu Hanon, David Neto Mendes, Kity Rolain, Rea Umba-Nkansaka, Suphaporn Woraphab, Rida Balanti, Sacha Ben Ismail, Kevin Buze, Junior Caupenne, Manon Halali, Luc Kamanzi, Maciej Kresso, Sylvia Raimondo, William Speliers, Deni Tcherbijev, Loic Wansiku, Gradi Tshipamba
Artists: Sophie Saporosi, Myriam Andries, Jaque Fragua, Monty Little
Partners: Soul of Nations in Washington D.C., Institute of American Indian Arts, World Learning
Theme: Representation of minorities and women, accessibility of technology, plurality, cultural heritage
Final output: Drawings, photographs, sculptures, video and audio installation

SCREENING “Feeling Everything All at Once” + Q&A
Tuesday 21.05 - 20:30 - Studio
Followed by a discussion between the young people from Institute of American Indian Arts and Belgian participants.