afterAnton Tchekhovwith :Robby CleirenSara De BosschereSofie Sente Timo SterckxGünther LesageJolien JanssensVincent Van SandeLieve Pynoo costumes – Stef Stessel set design – Koen Tachelet dramaturgy – Bert Vermeulen lighting – Wim Bernaers Sound – Bert Laurijssens internship – Cédric Cerbara

Our society is full of people who suffer from pressure and a need to achieve, resulting in a vague sense of guilt. A large network is no guarantee of a life without loneliness.

In 1887, Chekhov wrote his first theatrical piece, Ivanov. With more than a hundred years on the clock since then, this classic depicts a very modern phenomenon: Ivanov struggles with big dreams which are hard to reconcile with reality. De Roovers offer their own interpretation of the Russian play and penetrate the weighty themes with measured humour. This is an optimistic play about the rat race of modern society.