with :Adjua BenhelimaMelissa MabesooneFien De KeukelaereRein DecoodtArne De TremerieLaure OsselinOlga KunickaVincent GlasmacherZita CayenberghsLies Pauwels director

What is the purpose of pain? According to the dictionary, its role is merely twofold. On the one hand, pain is a necessary warning sign that makes us aware of a physical error. On the other, it serves as a natural protective mechanism that tells us what we should avoid doing if we wish to survive. But how do we deal with chronic pain? It is a pain that returns again and again and is unavoidable for some, beyond the dictionary definition. The play builds on the experience of people who suffer pain, both mental and physical. Four actors dissect pain and its metaphors.

In Anatomie van de Pijn, actors from NTGent search for the meaning of pain and its metaphors. The play builds on the experiences of people who suffer pain, both physical and mental. How do they deal with pain that keeps on returning?