Tom Dupont text, director – with :Kapinga GyselPatricia KargboKatelijne VerbekeLucas Van der Vegt Sam Gysel coaching – Geert Vandewalle set design – Marij Debrabandere costumes – Peter Monsaert video – Maarten Thorrez lighting design – Niels Vanherpe sound engineer – Chokri Ben ChikhaZouzou Ben ChikhaJos Verbist artistic coordination – Ann van Vaerenberg gratitudes

“Too European” for a black society yet “too African” for a white identity. In the 1960s, the so-called ‘half-blood children’ or ‘métis children’ first saw light of day: the product of extramarital relationships between Flemish and African citizens.

The musical theatre production Métisse sheds new light on the common fate that befell these children: ignorance and intolerance, rejection by society and the Belgian state. Director Tom Dupont chose a story that binds and contrasts different generations, uncovering a piece of history and the identity issue today.